About the Sagamore Hills Foundation

Sagamore Hills Elementary is a school in the heart of a community.

Serving approximately 425 students from diverse backgrounds, our pre-K through 5th grade public school has been a special part of the neighborhood since 1961.

Sagamore’s goals are to provide a caring and secure environment, to involve the total community in the education of children, and to encourage each child to set and achieve their own academic goals.  The Sagamore Hills Foundation was established in 2017 to secure the additional resources needed to support our school in achieving these goals.

The Sagamore Hills Foundation provides much-needed funding for priority initiatives to ensure our school can offer students a best-in-class education in a positive environment for learning. Donations to the Foundation are used to support teacher requested projects and equipment, STEM programming and materials, staff professional training and support, priority needs identified by the principal, and capital facility improvements.


Why does Sagamore Hills Elementary need a Foundation?

The Foundation helps ensure that our students receive a first-rate education at one of the best schools in Georgia by securing funds to enrich learning in the classroom and improve our school’s facilities. Donations to the Foundation provide the necessary resources to bridge gaps in our school’s funding needs.

What is the difference between the Sagamore Hills Foundation and the PTA?

The Foundation focuses on raising money from a variety of sources to fund teacher requests for classroom initiatives and equipment, capital improvements to school facilities, academic enrichment support, staff training, and technology needs. The Foundation can take on longer-term and larger-scale projects that require building up funds over time, which is something that PTA budget regulations do not permit.

The PTA plays an important role in facilitating communication and connection among the school’s administration, teachers, and families. Funding for the PTA comes from membership dues and donations from members of the school community. The PTA utilizes its funds to support school staff, enhance student learning, and provide fun activities that build community at our school.

The Foundation and the PTA work closely together and coordinate our efforts to support our school.

How will the Foundation use my donation?

Donations to the Foundation are put to use to fund the following:

  • Teacher requested projects and equipment
  • STEM programming and materials
  • Staff professional training and support
  • Academic enrichment (Art, Media Center, Music, PE, ESOL, and Discovery)
  • Priority needs identified by the principal
  • School facility improvements

How does the Foundation raise money?

Contributions from Sagamore Hills Elementary families, staff, and community members are important sources of funds raised by the Foundation. We invite everyone in our school community to get involved and make a gift. Donations directly benefit Sagamore Hills Elementary School, building an even stronger foundation for students at our school for years to come. Gifts of all sizes add up to make a meaningful impact!

The Foundation also seeks contributions from corporations, local businesses, grant makers, and matching gifts from employers. Donations made to the Sagamore Hills Foundation are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

How can I get involved?

The Foundation seeks to engage the whole school community in an inclusive and welcoming way. There are many ways to connect with the efforts of the Foundation, and we hope that you will become involved in a way that is personally meaningful. When we all work together it adds up to make an important impact for our school.

Offering your ideas and perspectives, participating as a volunteer, or making a financial contribution are some of the ways to become involved with the work of the Foundation.

Get involved by giving:

  • Make a secure donation online
  • Mail a check made payable to Sagamore Hills Foundation to PO. Box 33191, Decatur, GA 30033
  • Ask your employer about matching your donations

Get involved by doing: